What is Locksmith 247 service

Locksmith 247 service operates a network of over 2,000 websites and generates millions of hits a month. Each site features listings of local and national businesses. Because every domain name we operate is industry specific, we easily identify what the visitor is looking for and instantly show them businesses that offer the products or service they are looking for.

We help you get traffic from users that traditionally would not have easily found your business.

In addition, we have a high success rate of automatically detecting what area the user is from, thus allowing us to skip the step of asking them to enter a city / state or zip code in order to search for listings. Obviously should we not be able to detect their location, they are prompted to manually enter it.

All the websites Locksmith 247 service operates are sites that use only keyword friendly dot com domain names that feature no hyphens or numbers. This greatly increases the amount of typin traffic as well.

Sounds too good to be true, What is the catch

Many people ask us how is it possible to offer all this and not charge per click, per impression and or per lead fees?

The answer is simple, we maintain a low overhead and automate as much as possible in order to continue serving businesses worldwide.

How much traffic will I get a day

On average the businesses listed on our network get 30-45 hits a day.

How can I track how much traffic (hits) my site receives?

You can track all the traffic in real time when you login to your Locksmith 247 service account. You can also track all traffic using Google Analytics.

How can Locksmith 247 service help your business

Locksmith 247 service will instantly list your business on over 2,000 websites, serving millions of impressions monthly! Each site features an intelligent user friendly design that allows people to learn about your products and services many different ways. To better explain how the system works, let’s imagine for a moment that you are a pc expert that provides locals with computer help. Here is exactly what Locksmith 247 service will do for you:

1. Locksmith 247 service will instantly list your business as a “related listing” on sites like ComputerHelp.com, LocalPCExperts.com and many other related domains.

2. Next, Locksmith 247 service will instantly start displaying your ad on our entire network of 2,000 sites under the section: “Other businesses in your area”. So for example when people visit GardeningServices.com it would make little sense to have you listed as a related listing. But it would make perfect sense to showcase you as a business nearby. This concept of letting people know about local businesses even when they are not directly looking for your product or service is nothing new, most newspaper and TV commercial advertisements are not reaching someone that needs your product this very moment, but at least it gets your company out there.

3. Locksmith 247 service allows you to easily create a complete mini site so you can tell the viewer all about your product and service. We include many tools that will allow you to quickly add and update crucial information about your business anytime. If you have your own domain name you will be able to point it to the Locksmith 247 service servers so when people visit that domain, your mini site (without mention of Locksmith 247 service) will instantly be displayed to them. There is no additional charge for this service. (A domain name simply means a website address. For example Locksmith 247 service.com is a domain name)

4. Locksmith 247 service allows you to create a backlink that will appear throughout our entire network randomly. Backlinks featuring relevant anchor titles that link to relevant pages, can potentially be very beneficial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wise.

The goal is simple, give you the business owner a new way to get your business out there quickly and easily.

What domains does Locksmith 247 service purchase

For those interested in selling us domain names please read the following: Locksmith 247 service has a very strict criteria of what domains we will purchase. For one the domain must utilize the .com extension and cannot contain numbers or hyphens. In addition, it must fall into the EMD (exact match domain) category. A domain can either describe an industry or a popular product within an industry. For example, AccentLamps.com describes an item that many search for, in-turn we use that domain to send traffic to Lamp and Furniture stores, while LocksmithShops.com describes Locksmith Shops directly. If you have a domain that you feel can benefit our advertisers, and the name meets the above criteria, please contact us.

What if I only want traffic from related domains

We allow advertisers to select a single check-box that in turn will only display your ads / links on the domains you select, and not on our entire network.

What if I have more than one location

Locksmith 247 service allows you to list up to 3 different locations. Keep in mind, you can select to be a global business if you offer global services such as web design. In addition even if you are a local business you can select that you service say a 50 mile radius and we will showcase your ad to all users within that range.

I need help setting up my ad or Locksmith 247 service mini-site, who can I talk to

If you need any help setting up your ad or website. you can email or call us and we will gladly guide you through it or do it all for you, it’s up to you.

How often can I make changes to my ad or website

As often as you wish.

How long after I submit my listing will it starting displaying on the network

In most cases ads are approved in real time and listed right away.

​Why should I care to also be listed on sites not directly related to my business

Please note: You can always select to have your site listed only on the websites you select.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to
advertising is they only like to advertise in places that are directly related
to their business. Sure, having your ad displayed in places where people are
directly looking for your product and or service is highly important, but that’s
also where all your competition is.

Large corporations have figured this out a long time ago,
hence you will see a car commercial on a channel dedicated to golf and an advertisement
for a watch in a fishing magazine.

Large corporations know the importance of branding and
awareness, and they also know that if someone is reading a fishing magazine it
does not mean that all they buy in life is fishing related products.

Many small businesses know this too but unfortunately the
advertising budget required for a branding campaign is just way too expensive.

Locksmith 247 service gives each advertiser the ability to not just be in
front of potential customers when they are directly looking for their products
or services, but also be in front of people when they are looking for other
services. We do this in a very non-intrusive way so the website visitor is not
annoyed. In other words, the ads that are related to what they are searching for
are clearly marked “Related Listings”, while the ads that showcase other
businesses that service their area, are clearly marked “Other Businesses That Service Your Area”

So if you operate a Locksmith Shop you will appear in the “Related
Listings” on LocksmithShops.com (and many other Locksmith websites we operate). But your
ad will also appear on ComputerHelp.com and 2,000 other sites under the “Other
Businesses That Service Your Area” section. After all, people seeking computer
look for a Locksmith too sometimes. So even thou at that very moment they might not
looking for a Locksmith, they still get to learn about your business while on
the website. Remember, even if subconsciously people start seeing your business
listing in many places it can help your business tremendously. In marketing this
is called branding and or awareness.

In addition, link popularity is important when it comes to
search engine marketing. Getting your site listed on so many sites can
potentially help you with your SEO efforts.

​How is Locksmith 247 service different from other online listing services

Every business owner dreams of finding that one place they
can advertise that will deliver them all the customers they can possibly handle.
Unfortunately there is no one place people
go to when they are looking for a product or service.

If you asked 10 people to find you a Local Electrician there
is a good chance none of them will use the same method as the other in order to
find you a local electrician. Some will go to a search engine and type in
certain keywords, others will go to a directory they are familiar with while
others will simply type in LocalElectrician.com (commonly known as type-in

This means that as a business owner you want to make sure
your business is listed in the maximum amount of places as everyone has their
own way of looking for a business.

Locksmith 247 service can prove to be a very powerful tool for your
business, it has so many unique benefits that are almost certain to bring you
more customers that traditionally would have not found your business.

​Will my ad be seen by people not in my zip code

We know that every business is different, therefore we built
our system in a way where you decide who does and doesn’t see your ads.

For example, if you offer a worldwide service you can select
that you are a global business and we will display your ad everywhere.

If you are a restaurant that only wants to deliver to people
within a given range of miles / km you can set your ad to only display if the
user is within range.

Even if you restrict your ad to a certain range, if the user
specifically changes his search area to your area then your ad will show up. This
will ensure that when the customer is looking for a business in your area that
they will find you.

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