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Finding a locksmith who is not only going to complete professional services for you, but will not overcharge you is extremely difficult. The goal of this locksmith directory is to not only provide consumers with companies to contact, but arm them with information that will prevent them from being ripped off by any locksmith company. It is widely known that the locksmith industry has come under heavy fire for overcharging and lying to customers in order to make a quick dollar, however this does not mean that every locksmith is out there to take advantage of customers.

The most important step in preventing yourself from becoming a victim of these locksmith scams is being prepared. You should do your research for a locksmith before you every need one, then save the number into your phone. There are a number of important questions to ask when completing your research. Making sure you get straight answers to these questions will allow you to feel more secure when you are in need of a locksmith. Most people do not even think to open a locksmith directory until they are in actual need of emergency service, this is how the scammers can get you.

Of course if you are locked out of your vehicle, or lost your key, you are going to want to get service as quick as possible. In your rush you can forget to ask for a price or listen to the company’s pricing carefully. For example many locksmith companies will say that they will come to your location for $19 and then unlock your home or vehicle for an additional charge starting at $25. to the average person this sounds like a great deal, even if it is a little more, most people would not expect to end up with a bill any higher than $90. Having a bill that low is rarely the case, many of these companies will charge from $220 to upwards of $400 instead of the additional charge that “starts at $25″.

Avoiding this situation is the main goal of our locksmith directory here. We want to take the power back from these large companies that are looking to scam their communities and give it back to the consumers. This can only be done if consumers are willing to do the research to become informed about a local locksmith company so they will not fall victim to the scammers when they are at their most vulnerable.

Our locksmith directory will also work to educate readers about the locksmith industry as a whole. There are two sides to the situation and while some rogue locksmiths are charging exorbitant amounts, some locksmiths are trying to do right by their companies, finding a locksmith who will unlock your home or car at any time for a total of $44 would be like striking gold, even though the service may not take that long when the locksmith is on site. Charges for lockouts between $85 and $140 are not uncommon especially in emergency situations or for difficult types of locks. The real scams are where locksmiths claim that they are “unable to pick the lock”. The truth is if you have a lock which can not be picked on your house it would be a very specific brand and model which the technician would be able to identify. In a majority of cases a professional locksmith should be able to pick the lock without having to drill it out.

We hope that you will continue to check in with the locksmith directory for updated information and company listings.

Business owners looking to list their business on our site can contact us through our directory submission page.

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